Build and enrich lead lists fast with the new Blockspring app for sales and recruiting. Get Company URLs. Get LinkedIn Profiles Get Employee Emails Get Social and more. Enrich your job search and get relevant sales leads with full enchrichment.

Easy to use
Value for Money

“For an easy to use web scraper – this is the tool to go for – from getting jobs from indeed to finding out important information on your clients, it can be very useful. .”

Blockspring has 1000s of easy-to-use functions for your spreadsheet. Create visualisations, run algorithms, get data sources, send tweets, and more! The Blockspring community builds and shares useful functions that can be used in any programming language, application, or device, and now by you from Excel. With this add-on, you can easily create interactive data visualisations, run algorithms, pull data from the web, automate tweets and emails, call APIs, and more. In a nutshell, you get the full power of programming from the comfort of a spreadsheet.

Blockspring – get data for prospecting, reports, and landing pages – Blockspring

Get live data into your landing pages. Use Google Sheets as a database, or get API data into your app with a few clicks.

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