Meet Alfred

Alfred helps you start conversations with potential customers on LinkedIn at scale, to drive more meetings, sales & profits completely on autopilot. Create and run multiple sophisticated messaging campaign sequences with ease. Monitor your progress, get actionable insights on campaign performance to make smarter decisions.

Easy to use
Value for Money

“LinkedIn Automation, it runs in the background viewing profiles, making connections and sending messages. They are always updating the system with new features. Worth the money.”

The exceptional results achieved through LinkedIn marketing has made LinkedIn the go-to platform for nearly all businesses. With this as an essential milestone for any business, it only makes sense that more and more B2B businesses are focussing heavily on reaching the audience that is active on LinkedIn. They are hiring more people, investing more time and money, having more meetings; all to strategise how to leverage all the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer.

Meet Alfred ensures you always hit your goals. Engage more prospects the right way, build more pipeline and get smarter every day about where to focus your efforts. Win more, doing less. Managing 2-3 leads is entirely plausible, but when the number of leads increases reaching out to each of them can be a task. In such cases, Meet Alfred comes in handy.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Automation with Alfred

The #1 sales automation tool for increasing your lead response rate by 10x by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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